California Home and Design – Small Space Big Style Showhouse

Yesterday, I spent the morning with the fabulous Christian May of maison21 at the California Home and Design’s Small Space Big Style Showhouse.

The designs in the condo were colorful, interesting, and creative.  It was much cooler and hip than any showhouse I’ve ever visited.  Here are a few sneak peeks of my favorite rooms of the space:

Love this black and white graphic bathroom designed by Christian May. Wallpaper created by Black Crow Studios. Photo Source.

Pink and girly mezzanine level designed by Molly Luetkemeyer. Love the choice of wallpaper. Photo source.

Colorful midcentury living room designed by Christopher Kennedy. Photo source.

If you’re in LA, be sure to check out the Showhouse located in Hollywood.  You can buy tickets here.  The showhouse will be open Friday – Sunday from September 14 until November 18.

Fabulous Tots: Kelsey’s First Purple Birthday Party

As I mentioned last week, I spent the weekend in San Francisco attending the first birthday party of adorable Kelsey.

Kelsey and mom/party planner, Danielle

Her mom (and helpers) are known for throwing fabulous parties and this one was no exception even considering it was for a 1-year-old.  The party decor (and baby) were decked out in various shades of purple.  It was pretty and perfect for her.

Custom printed banner in the purple theme colors

Delicious dessert table with the baby cake, macaroons, cupcakes, cake pops…the kids were going crazy for the sugar!

More purple decor – decorated high chair; monogrammed water bottles, customized hats!

Delicious food spread.

Great kid station. Using ice-cube trays to hold individual servings of small bite size pieces for babies. What a great idea!

All in all, I thought this was a great party and the kids (while not great barometers when they are high on sugar) seemed to enjoy it as well.  I wanted to share the pictures because I thought it was just too cute and there may be some ideas that you can steal for your next party (plus I love all the purple!).  Hoped you enjoyed the peek inside!


My weekend ended with this:

Tire exploded/shredded on the 405…good times

Otherwise, we had a great weekend. Our good friends from San Francisco came to visit with their adorable daughter and we ate good food, enjoyed the beach, they drank alot, and L.A. traffic wasn’t too bad.  It’s very rare when I’m actually looking forward to the beginning of the week but after the tire episode and the countless meetings/conversations with the contractors for the house, I’m actually looking forward to getting back into work mode and being distracted.

Here’s hoping that this week is a great one!

More Happy Thoughts: Los Angeles Bars and Restaurants

I’ve had the pleasure to go to a few new restaurants in Los Angeles and thought I would share.

Last weekend, we met some friends at Genwa, a delicious Korean BBQ restaurant.  I tried many new dishes and we ate loads and loads of meat.  It was perfect.

Genwa – accoutrements and grilled meat

I had a fantastic lunch at Le Pain Quotidien in West Hollywood. Lunch was a salad with peaches, burrata, watermelon, and a few greens :).  I couldn’t get enough.

I admittedly don’t spend much time in Long Beach but I’ve identified two great spots for drinks and snacks.  District Wine is a great wine bar that has a solid wine list and outdoor seating.  Their happy hour specials are usually pretty good and the staff is unbelievably nice and courteous every time I’m there.  This type of service makes you want to come back … and back … and back.

They even provide board games to waste time on while you get drunk 🙂

I’ve also been to Fuego at the Maya several times.  The restaurant’s views are fantastic and the happy hour margarita can be deadly.  What’s not to love?

$5 Margaritas with this view…yes please!

Unfortunately, I’m on a self-imposed drinking prohibition for the month of September so I probably won’t have an update for next month.  (Who wants to go out and enjoy a good meal without having a glass of wine too :)).  I’ll be back the following month!

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Obsess Much: Pinterest

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that “lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.” It’s such a simple concept and an amazing site that it blows my mind that someone didn’t think of this before. Obviously, Pinterest is a great way to view pretty pictures, save/bookmark resources, and get an idea of what’s going on in different design fields. But what I love the most about the site is looking through my Pinterest account every once in a while to look back at what I’ve pinned. It’s fun to identify themes and obsessions when I had no idea that I was interested in a certain motif.

Evidently, I’m super obsessed with curvy and ornate headboards right now.

Mirrored trim headboard…yes please!

As I’ve designed my kitchen, I’ve found my Kitchens board to be invaluable. By looking through the pins, I identified the designs I liked most. But more importantly, I was able to make notes of the accessories, cabinet interiors, etc. that I would have likely forgotten about if not for the pins. I use the pins from this virtual pinboard to create my inspiration board that is the foundation for my kitchen design. I refer to this board as I make almost every decision and it’s super helpful.

If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, you should try it out. If you need one, just click here. If you already have a Pinterest account, I would definitely suggest you go back and look at what you’ve pinned. You might be surprised at what you really like. 🙂

Renovation Crazy: Kitchen Inspiration and Design Elements

As promised, let’s talk about the new kitchen inspiration and design elements.  I haven’t finalized any of the details that will make the room fun and interesting but I’ve decided on a few key components: floorplan, cabinets, colors, and floors.

Here are my inspiration images (which I’m sure you remember from the Colored Cabinets Obsessions post):

Navy cabinets with butcher block countertop and brass pulls. Wall of interesting tile.

Navy base cabinets, white uppers, and great bar setup area.

Navy lower cabinets, white upper cabinets, subway tile, and brass pulls.

So obviously, I’m going for navy lower cabinets and white upper cabinets with brass pulls.  I haven’t figured the tile yet but I’m hoping it will make a big impact and provide more interest in the room.  To help visualize it, here are a few quick-and-dirty renderings I’ve compiled:

I’ll be spending some time working on the details about the finishes including handles, lighting, tile, etc.  I hope to be able to share some updated images next week!

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Renovation Crazy: Kitchen Plans

It’s a new month, so let’s start it off with discussing the new house!  Let’s start with the kitchen as it’s the space that I’ve spent more time analyzing than any other one….and I have 10 different design plans to show it!  The kitchen now is fairly long and awkward with two entrances and cabinets blocking the view.  Here’s the kitchen in it’s current state:

Besides the obvious cosmetic changes, we’re going to drastically change the kitchen.  First we’re going to make it little less wide by building a new wall and closing off the second entrance.  This will allow us to create a half-bathroom on the other side of the wall.  Second, we are also planning to remove the wall between the family room and kitchen to have a more open space plan.  Lastly, we’ll reconfigure the layout to take advantage of the new open plan and obtain more of the view.  It’s easier to envision this by looking at the floorplan.  Here is the original floorplan:

And here is the new floorplan:

Obviously, most of this new plan is contingent upon the permit department as there are major structural changes.  I’ll be back tomorrow with the inspiration for the space and some cool ideas I’m hoping to include.

Headed to the permit department now.  Enjoy your day!