Master Bathroom – Design Inspiration

Now that most of the big stuff for the master bathroom has come together, I can focus on those small details that will make the room sing.  The design plan includes a marble backdrop (shower and floors), black vanity with white quartz countertop, white/light gray walls, and chrome accents.  I’ve been going back and forth trying to determine if I wanted to use brass/gold accents but after looking at my inspiration photos, I think I want to keep this room classic and will stick with chrome.  (I can have more fun in the other bathrooms. :-))

Here is the “inspiration” photo that started it all:

These are other images that I’ve been loving as well:

I’m trying to push myself to do something different with the design of this house.  Accordingly, this room (along with several others) will be devoid of bold colors.  If I decide later to bring in more color, I can always do it with artwork or accessories.

Now it’s time to focus on finishing touches…lighting, hooks, shelves, artwork, etc.  Onward!

Master Bathroom Design

Let’s kick this week off with a look at the progress in the master bathroom.  Taking a look back, this is how the master bathroom looked in all its pink glory:

Pink sunken tub with matching tile and curtains. Best part is that the showerhead hits your shoulder.

Master Bathroom with matching pink sinks.

Due to budget constraints, we decided to keep the footprint of the bathroom the same.  However, we replaced the sunken tub with a wider shower. We’ve also removed the vanity area and added a larger wall-to-wall vanity (taller and deeper).  Here’s the (updated) floorplan:

We’re using marble subway tiles for the shower and a marble/black basketweave for the floor.  I’m very excited about how the room is turning out and can’t wait to put in the finishing touches.  Here’s a sneak peek:

Shower stall tiling completed.

The shower glass has been installed, the heated floors connected, and the vanity and mirrors installed.  Still waiting on the countertops and deciding on lighting options.  Will provide a more detailed picture once those details are finished.

Happy Monday!

Renovation Update: Flooring

The last time I mentioned flooring, I was planning on going with this lovely acacia floors:

I decided that I didn’t want the floors to steal the show. With that much pattern and movement, I was concerned that it would overwhelm the space.  Essentially, I chickened-out and decided to go with a more uniform dark white oak floor.

 As I mentioned before, our good friends helped us get started with the install.  

My day laborers hard at work.

Unfortunately, because I chose the 2 1/4″ width, this install is taking FOREVER.  We’ve finished the living room, dining room, and kitchen but still have the rest of the house to do.  Wish us luck since we’re really only working on the weekend now.

Here’s a before and after to give us motivation:

Before: Carpeted loveliness

After: Sable White Oak (in the dark)

Have a happy turkey day!

I’m Baaaackkk!!

Hello Lovelies –

Sorry I’ve been away for so long.  We lived without internet in the new house for almost two weeks and then other things just took over my life.  It’s been a crazy few weeks but things are finally moving along.  I’ll be back later this week with more design-related news but here are a couple quick notes:

  • Living in a renovation is not as horrible as I thought but it’s also a little worse than I expected.  The hubby is being a trooper but I’m pretty sure he’s miserable.

  • Moving away from the ocean is a little sad but this view makes up for it.

I don’t think Nala agrees with me.  I think she’s a little depressed in her new surroundings.  But I would be too if I there were always people in the house banging away and waking me from my slumber.

  • Our wonderful friends flew all the way from New Jersey to help us install our hardwood floors.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get as far as we hoped while they were here but we had a good time and, more importantly, we got to spend time with this little angel:


I’m excited because we’re in the design phase of the project so I’ll be sharing all the plans. Glad to be back!