Planning a Bar Closet

Our former furnace lived in a closet in the family room.  When we installed the new HVAC system, we moved the system to the garage and now there is an empty closet in the family room.  I’ve removed the door and have decided to make this closet into a dry bar.  We had the closet wired for electricity and the bottom will definitely house a wine fridge with a countertop.  But for the rest, I’m trying to figure out which direction I want to go in.

Do we go for a true bar feel with a mirror backsplash and glass shelves housing our extensive collection of liquors:

Clay Street transitional-home-bar

Pierce Street transitional-kitchen


Or a more kitchen-like bar setup with gorgeous tiles as the backsplash, a few shelves that house glassware or other beautiful pieces with the liquor hidden in a cabinet.

Hoboken, NJ contemporary-kitchen



Or do we maximize storage and just have a ton of shit everywhere:


Eclectic Hall contemporary-home-bar

Kitchen with Bold Sophistication eclectic-kitchen

Closet makeover by Eddie Ross.

Closet makeover by Eddie Ross.

What do you think?  Should we not publicize our excessive drinking habits or just keep it real…:D

Creating a Floor Plan

Today, I’m over at Courtney’s blog discussing the basic process of creating a floor plan.  You’ll get to see the plan behind Zoe’s nursery which went from this on paper:

Nursery Floorplan1To this:

Nursery FloorplanTo the (almost) final version:



Waiting on the final pieces (coming from across the pond :)) and will get the room properly photographed to do a complete post about the transformation.

But hop on over to visit Courtney Out Loud to see how the plan came together.




I’ve Missed You!

absence quote

Hello Lovelies!

So sorry to be away for so long.  A week off turned into a month off, which turned into two months off…you get the idea.  I’ve been ready to come back and chat with you folks for a while but was lacking inspiration.  Some of this lack of inspiration is due to a lack of sleep and personal time (no complaining here :)) but most of this lack of inspiration is because my main purchases right now are baby-related items…and baby-related items are generally very unattractive.  Have you looked at the high chair options out there?  WTH? If it isn’t super cheap and ugly, it’s expensive and ugly.  I get that all the kid is going to do is throw food around and make it dirty, but it has to sit in my dining room every day and I want it to look pretty.

The chair I decided to get...doesn't go with a damn thing but it's so girly I couldn't resist.

The chair I decided to get…doesn’t go with a damn thing but it’s so girly I couldn’t resist.

Anyhoo, I digress.

So I’m jumping back in with both feet and looking to get my mojo back.  It’s final design time in several rooms in the house and I have a few new clients that I’m eager to help.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sure to get to the stuff that you (may) want to see – the renovation updates and any other loose ends – but I’ll also try to just throw in fun designs I run across along with inspirational designers I’m studying to help get back in the swing of things.

And just because I’m a proud mama…this is what’s kept me away from the blog for a while…


How could I not be away? 😀