I’ve Missed You!

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Hello Lovelies!

So sorry to be away for so long.  A week off turned into a month off, which turned into two months off…you get the idea.  I’ve been ready to come back and chat with you folks for a while but was lacking inspiration.  Some of this lack of inspiration is due to a lack of sleep and personal time (no complaining here :)) but most of this lack of inspiration is because my main purchases right now are baby-related items…and baby-related items are generally very unattractive.  Have you looked at the high chair options out there?  WTH? If it isn’t super cheap and ugly, it’s expensive and ugly.  I get that all the kid is going to do is throw food around and make it dirty, but it has to sit in my dining room every day and I want it to look pretty.

The chair I decided to get...doesn't go with a damn thing but it's so girly I couldn't resist.

The chair I decided to get…doesn’t go with a damn thing but it’s so girly I couldn’t resist.

Anyhoo, I digress.

So I’m jumping back in with both feet and looking to get my mojo back.  It’s final design time in several rooms in the house and I have a few new clients that I’m eager to help.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sure to get to the stuff that you (may) want to see – the renovation updates and any other loose ends – but I’ll also try to just throw in fun designs I run across along with inspirational designers I’m studying to help get back in the swing of things.

And just because I’m a proud mama…this is what’s kept me away from the blog for a while…


How could I not be away? 😀

Early Arrival and Nursery Sneak Peek

We had an early arrival of the little diva and have spent the last few weeks trying to figure out what we’re doing. Luckily she’s pretty awesome (and chill) plus we have help for the next month. So hopefully, I’ll be back to regular posting soon but wanted to drop in and share sneak peek photos of the nursery. It’s practically finished except for artwork and a few pillows that need to be sewn. However, the parents will be sleeping in that room for the next few weeks and I won’t be able to get the room properly photographed until mid-summer. So until then…

Built in cabinets and fabulous wallpaper

Custom glider and pom pom curtains

Custom fuschia daybed

Needless to say I’m in love with the space. When I’m sleep deprived and rocking in the glider at 3am it makes me smile. Hopefully, the little diva will feel the same way when she gets older 🙂

Before & After: Glider

If I thought I wanted to marry the wallpaper in the nursery, I must be ready to commit polygamy with the new glider. It’s so pretty and perfect!

Isn’t it great? As I was planning the nursery, I started researching gliders and realized that all the non-ugly ones costs upwards of $1200-1500 (including shipping, etc.) and that was without customization. So one day, right before ordering an expensive glider, I decided to search Craigslist. I got lucky in my first search and discovered this beauty:

The dimensions were a little off but I liked that it was a recliner and the cost was only $300!! I knew with a little love and upholstery care, it could be everything I wanted.
Fast forward a few weeks, agonizing decisions on whether to splurge on the fabric (totally worth it), and time at the upholsterer and this is what I have now:



It’s a custom piece with Schumacher fabric and orange linen piping and works perfectly in the nursery. AND after all was said and done, I only spent approximately $900 to get it exactly the way I wanted. While I know that’s not cheap, I think it’s totally worth it. This baby better be one who enjoys a good glide 🙂

Progress Progress Progress

Sorry I’ve been away so long. You look up one day and its been over two weeks since a post. I could blame it on a lot of things but let’s just say that I’m pooped. I’m surprised at how tired I am on most days and coupled with trying to get the house in working order and finishing up client work, pregnancy is kicking my arse. But good things are happening on the home and nursery front. Here’s a few sneak peeks:





Can I just say that I want to marry this wallpaper? It’s so luxurious and special. There will be a daybed in the room and I might choose to sleep in there to stare at the wallpaper all the time (or just take care of the baby). 🙂

The bulk of the work is done: the glider is at the upholsterer, the custom blackout shades have been ordered, and we’re waiting on a few final design touches over the next couple weeks. The countdown has begun so let’s hope its finished before our new arrival.

Have a great weekend!

Guest Post at Courtney Out Loud

Today, I’m starting a monthly guest column on my friend’s blog, Courtney Out Loud.  Courtney is the first person I met (in person) through blogging and he’s a talented designer and lifestyle guru.  When he approached me about the series, I was very excited as the posts will discuss various aspects of space planning with a focus on actual spaces and even questions from readers.  I love starting a project and figuring out the best way to actually make the space work so it’s one of my favorite topics to explore.


I’d love it if you would hop on over and visit Courtney’s blog to catch my new series.  Also,  be sure to submit any questions you have!



Nursery Lighting

I’ve received several deliveries this week including the gorgeous wallpaper and fabric for the chair and headboard.  Can’t wait to use them!  But now I need to make some lighting decisions.

As you recall, the wallpaper is a modern take on a fairly traditional pattern:

Oh Joy! Petal Pusher Wallpaper

Oh Joy! Petal Pusher Wallpaper

This wallpaper will cover 3 of the walls (the other wall will have a built-in cabinet and headboard).  I’ve also painted the ceiling a light pink.  I initially thought I wanted to go with something that played off the flowers in the wallpaper and loved the look of the Lotus Flower Pendant from Vivaterra:

zm_lotus_chandelier_pearlUnfortunately, it looks like the large version is out of stock but I’ve found a cheaper version at Pottery Barn that might work just as well.

But I’m having second thoughts about this as the budget is slowly dwindling as well it might be just too much with the wallpaper.  The other option is to go in the opposite direction and go a little more modern with the fixture.  I love the modern Artichoke Lamp but it’s WAY out of the budget. Recently I came across this great knock-off for a reasonable price:

Artichoke Lamp

The last option is for a really inexpensive fixture that I’ve liked for a while:

Ikea Maskros Pendant

Ikea Maskros Pendant

I’ve always liked the look of these ceiling fixtures but I hate that they are so obviously Ikea.  I buy a ton of things from Ikea and don’t have a problem with it but I hate when it’s something so obviously Ikea.  (It’s a weird and silly distinction.)  Plus, I think that this fixture still has the same problem as my first choice – too many floral accents with the wallpaper.

Lastly, I could go with something vintage and spend time at the flea markets and antique stores looking.  I know I don’t want anything too girly or chandelier like so I’m a little less optimistic that something will turn up in the stores.

What do you think?  Which is your favorite?

Nursery Progress: To Glide or Not to Glide

We’re making good progress on the nursery design and I’m now in the process of buying the furniture room.  I know there are many differing opinions on whether a nursery needs a glider but I’ve decided that it makes sense to get one.  The main reason that I wanted to get a glider (other than to soothe and rock the baby to sleep of course :)) is because it’s the only way I can justify getting a recliner in the house.  (Full disclosure: when I go to my grandmother’s house, I’m so excited to sit in the recliners even though I make fun of the way they look.  I can fall asleep in like 5 minutes…it’s impressive. :)) As we all know, generally recliners are hideous and don’t really work well in a well-designed house.  (My friend, Courtney, did a fantastic post about working with recliners in to a design scheme).  So I was on the lookout for a glider/recliner that wasn’t unattractive and wouldn’t take away from the overall design.

These are the gliders that I considered:

Lucy Swivel Glider

Lucy Swivel Glider

Jennifer Delonge Wing Glider Recliner

Jennifer Delonge Wing Glider Recliner

Grano Glider Recliner

Grano Glider Recliner

These choices are all modern and sleek and don’t look bad for gliders or recliners.  However, I wasn’t in love with any of them and clocking in at $1200 without much customization didn’t give me the warm and fuzzies either.  So I decided to do a quick Craigslist search and, on the first try, I discovered this diamond in the rough for only $300:


It was a little wider and less sleek that I wanted but overall the dimensions worked in the room and I figured that a change of fabric would really make it pop.  So obviously for $300, I snatched it up quickly and now it’s time to pick a fabric to reupholster it.  These are the final contenders:

Schumacher Jelly Bean

Journey Fruitydriftpomegranate

Of course, I’m in love with the most expensive fabric but I think I can afford to splurge given the cheapness of the chair along with trying a new upholsterer who is fairly reasonable.  I hope to have the fabric and the chair back in the next few weeks.  I can’t wait to share!

Fired Up and Ready to …

Last week, I had the opportunity to get out of the ongoing project/construction zone (i.e. my house) and enjoy a few design and educational events.  Taking the time to do this provided me with inspiring ideas and information to energize me.  I’m fired up and ready to … think about what’s next 🙂


As I mentioned before, I’ve been thinking about the direction I want to take the blog and the design business.  One day, I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by Houzz in Santa Monica and an alumni event with Kai Ryssdal from NPR about integrity and communication.  Funny enough, these events were on completely different intellectual spectrums but they both provided me with a burning sense to come home and strategize about the business and blog.  What I took away from the Houzz event was a way to energize my marketing efforts and reach out to an informed consumer.  My marketing efforts should be focused on identifying the importance of working with a design professional and what I bring to the table that is different and unique than other professionals.  The takeaway from the NPR event was the importance of a quest for continued learning and interest in the world.  This made me think about the reason for my career change and how interested I was in design and the desire to learn as much as possible.


Lastly, I attended a dinner sponsored by Lamps Plus to start this year’s Design Bloggers Conference.  It was great to meet other designers and bloggers and discuss their process, goals, and interests.  It was a fun event and made me want to hunker down and focus on making this little blog fun and enjoyable for myself and the readers.

Not surprisingly, I’ve become less energized and excited since moving to Los Angeles, quitting my job, starting a business, buying and gutting a new home, renovating for 6 months, and living in a construction zone while gestating a small human being in my belly.  I need to recapture that excitement that led me to start this new career and work as hard as possible to make a real run at making this a success.  I’m still figuring out what this really means and I’ll probably use the blog to discuss this as I’m ironing it out but I know that, at the very least, I’m going to be focused on being more involved in the design community (online and in Los Angeles), studying design and trends to get a much better understanding of historical trends and further my design knowledge.  I will continue to work with clients and update you on the progess as it happens but I’ll be adding more analysis and discussion of design trends and applications.  Let’s hope this works out!  I would love for you to follow me on the journey and provide feedback on what works (and doesn’t work).

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Nursery Inspiration

As promised, I’ve completed an initial draft of the nursery design inspiration board and wanted to share.  The initial color idea for the room was fuchsia and tangerine with the emphasis on fuchsia and pops of tangerine to just break up the space.  Here are the inspiration pictures:

Eva B. Style: Pinterest Obsession- Baby Nursery Ideas * fuschia, marigold, teal, tangerine - fun pallette

via pinterest. I love how saturated the colors are and the feeling that the room evokes.

Suzie: Modern Declaration - Sweet orange & pink girl's nursery design with two tone walls paint ...

via pinterest.  Much calmer and serene but still punchy with color.

So that is the color scheme I chose and now I’m attempting to combine that with my love for the Petal Pusher Wallpaper mentioned earlier.  Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

Design Board

The room is a large bedroom, clocking in around 18′ x 11′.  So there is a ton of space to use and (my understanding is that) babies don’t really need that much space. 🙂  So I’ve decided to turn the full-size guest bed that’s been living in the room into a daybed with built-in storage on the back wall.  The day bed will get the lovely fuchsia linen headboard (and sides) and the cabinetry will be white. The rest of the room consists of the traditional nursery furnishings.

I’ll share the process as I go along but I’m most excited about the wallpaper and the pink ceiling!  Just to give you an idea of how far we have to go…here is the room when we moved in:

Nursery - staged for the sale

Nursery – staged for the sale

Since then, the painted wallpaper has been removed, the walls and popcorn ceiling skim coated, and the floors are currently being installed.  By the end of the weekend, I hope that the floors will be finished, trim installed, and wallpaper ordered and scheduled to be installed.  Wish me luck!  If you wish to follow along, feel free to check out my Nursery board on Pinterest.

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Changes…and new Additions

William Morris QuoteSorry for the lack of posts lately.  While I’ve been blogging now for a little over 7 months, I’m starting to feel like I need to get more direction for the blog.  The intent of starting the blog was to support my interior design projects.  However, I’ve actually come to enjoy the process and sharing my thoughts with others. (This little blog has saved the hubby from having to listen to tons of random discussions about design.)  Anyway, as we’re all aware, projects move much slower than intended and I need to work on providing much more interesting and curated content.  I’m working on a few new collaborations and trying to figure out ways to improve the content and flow.  I hope to share some of this very soon but posting will be even more sporadic until I’ve figured it out.

Another reason that I’ve been slow in posting is because we’re making a final push to finish up the house renovation.  I haven’t shared much lately but we’re making significant progress and I hope to post progress pictures soon.  Our deadline to finish (or impetus to finish) has been pushed up because we’re expecting a new addition to the family in a mere 3 months!  It’s unexpected, surprising, and super damn scary.  I can’t even think about what happens when there is a new small person here so I’m focused on starting the nursery design.  I’m working on a design board to share later this week but let’s just say that some of this gorgeousness will be gracing the walls:

Oh Joy! Petal Pusher Wallpaper

Oh Joy! Petal Pusher Wallpaper

Wish me luck on ALL fronts 🙂

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