Before and (Almost) After Week

Happy Monday! (Maybe acting excited for Monday will make you feel the same way :)).

So I thought a “great” idea for this week would be to spend the week giving a before and (almost) after tour of the house. Each day, I’ll showcase two rooms. We’ll show how they started on the day we bought the house and then show how far they’ve come in the last 4 months of renovations. I thought it was a good time as we’ve done the bulk of structural changes and actually have no workers scheduled for the near future.


We’ll start off tomorrow with the kitchen and dining area. Hope you enjoy!

Happy Friday!

Camera is here! I’ll play around with it this weekend and hope to have some progress pics next week.

Happy Friday!!

Kitchen Hardware

I’ve spent the last few days looking for kitchen hardware for the cabinets. There are so many options and price ranges!

I spent time at Liz’s Antique Hardware in Los Angeles and found these beauties:



Love these but they are both $24 each pull. With over 24 drawers and 12 doors in the kitchen, this could get very expensive.

To see if I can find something a little less expensive, I just ordered these samples from an online source:



Let’s hope these look as nice as the other ones. They are about $10 cheaper and would save a significant amount of money.

Obsessions: Pendant Lighting

Sorry to report that I still haven’t received my new camera so there will be no in progress pictures today.

I know many people do not like overhead lighting but I think every room could use a nice chandelier.  It doesn’t have to function as the main lighting in the room as there obviously needs to be additional lighting options (can lights or lamps, etc.).  I also love the ease of flipping a switch on the wall to illuminate the room.

So now I’m in a house with open ceiling junction boxes in almost every room and I’ve just begun to buy the new fixtures.  Yesterday, two of these lovely diddies arrived and I’m over the moon:

David Hicks Pendant

David Hicks Pendant

The David Hicks pendants are going above my island.  Now I need to find a complementary pendant for the space above the sink (as I thought it would be too much with another one so close).  Furthermore, the dining room is right across from the kitchen and I need a chandelier to hang from the ceiling.  The biggest issue is that I don’t want the chandelier to block our wonderful view from the dining room.  So I think the best option and decision is to look for something with glass globes similar in shape to the David Hicks pendant but clear so as to not obstruct the view.  These are the options that I’m considering:

Custom chandelier created by an Etsy artist.

Custom chandelier created by an Etsy artist.  Not in love with this version necessarily but could have it custom design to be something I love.  

Starburst 8-Light Pendant from

Starburst 8-Light Pendant from – The globes are a little much and it’s difficult to really gauge the size.  Unfortunately, they are only sold online so I wouldn’t be able to see before I buy (and considering the price…I’m a little worried).  

CB2 Firefly Pendant Lamp

CB2 Firefly Pendant Lamp – I don’t love that they aren’t full glass orbs but they are adjustable which is very helpful with the sloped ceiling in the dining room.  

West Elm Globe Pendant - Probably my favorite but they are sold individually and I only have one junction box in the dining room. I also would prefer if it was a brass finish.

West Elm Globe Pendant – Probably my favorite but they are sold individually and I only have one junction box in the dining room. I also would prefer if it was a brass finish.

The budget might make the decision for me but I’m still on the lookout for other options.

I hope to have a camera soon so I can take some pictures of the pendants already in place!

Kitchen Progress: Sample Cabinet Door

So excited that the test door came back perfect for the color of the kitchen cabinet doors!

Now they can start painting and lacquering all the doors and install in a few weeks!


Happy Friday!!

Master Bedroom Progress

We’ve actually made progress in many of the room in the house and I now can start thinking more about the design process.  I mentioned before that I really wanted a purple bedroom and was in the process of purchasing this purple grasscloth to get the room started.

Purple Grasscloth from Design Your Wall

But two things happened before I was able to make the purchase.  First, this amazing headboard was on a crazy sale right after Christmas.

Bristol Headboard with mirrored frame

I’ve been eyeing this bed on Pinterest and Houzz for months and when it was almost 55% off, I couldn’t pass it up.  With such an amazing headboard (it’s 7′ high!!), I decided that maybe I should simply paint the room a deep color and let the bed shine.  So I needed to rethink the design.

And second, I became obsessed with two color schemes for a room in our house.  When I finally made the choice (with the help of friends and hubby) about which color scheme would win out, I was devastated not to be able to use the other scheme in the house.  So I’ve now decided to scrap the purple and go with the losing color scheme – navy and coral/pink/red!

navy  coral nursery

navy blue and fuschia

Pattern play - home of @Meredith Heron

Meredith Heron

I may tone down the use of pink and coral since the bed is feminine and will likely go a little darker on the navy blue rendering it almost black.  But I’m so excited about this change and hope to put together a board and fabrics to show you!  Plus, I’m so damn excited about the headboard that I just can’t wait to see it in a few weeks.

Kitchen Progess Update

One of the main reasons that I didn’t post much for the past few weeks is that our SLR camera was stolen.  And while the iPhone camera is fairly solid when the lighting is good, when you live in a construction zone with perpetual bad lighting, the pictures just look a little blah.   But I’ve finally ordered a new SLR camera and I’m excited to take proper pictures to show the progress in the rooms.  Hopefully it’ll be here in a few days but let’s take a look at some of the progress we’ve actually accomplished in the kitchen.

As you recall, the kitchen looked like this:

Original kitchen

Original kitchen…those lights in the soffit might just be the business 🙂

And this was the plan for the kitchen:

This is where we started with inspiration.

This is where we started with inspiration.

Due to budget limitations, we went with Ikea cabinets and ordered custom doors from Semihandmade.  The doors arrived last week and I couldn’t be happier!

Custom unfinished maple Shaker doors

Custom unfinished maple Shaker doors

I’m having the doors sprayed in a lacquer in Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue (a little lighter than the ever popular Hale Navy and Polo Blue):

Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue - HC155

Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue – HC155

Pendant lights have been ordered and should arrive next week:

David Hicks Pendant that is all over the web right now.  Love the industrial but fabulousness feel of it.  Seems a little more appropriate for a kitchen but not much bling. :)

David Hicks Pendants …so damn excited about this!

The countertops have been installed.  We decided to go with Caesarstone Organic White instead of Pure White for a number of reasons.  First reason being the price…the Pure White was significantly more expensive and I didn’t think the look justified the difference.  The second reason was that the Organic White had more movement and interest to make it look much more like real stone (in my opinion).  It’s not as white but I think that’s perfectly fine.

And of course, as you saw yesterday, we now have appliances and plumbing:


GE Cafe Appliance Suite

Still much to be done and I’m hoping to put together a punch list soon.  Once the camera is here, there will be some pretty pictures to show!!

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year’s Eve celebration and is ready for a great 2013!

Sorry I’ve been away for so long! I’m planning to get right back in the swing of things with the new year and be a much better blogger. We’ll focus more on renovation realities, inspiration pieces, and my actual design projects this year. I hope you’ll stick it out and enjoy the content!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a few updates on the house renovation and other exciting news this week. Here’s the highlight of my week so far:


Who knew a simple faucet would change my life ;). What a great way to start 2013!