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Fired Up and Ready to …

Last week, I had the opportunity to get out of the ongoing project/construction zone (i.e. my house) and enjoy a few design and educational events.  Taking the time to do this provided me with inspiring ideas and information to energize me.  I’m fired up and ready to … think about what’s next 🙂 As I […]

Nursery Inspiration

As promised, I’ve completed an initial draft of the nursery design inspiration board and wanted to share.  The initial color idea for the room was fuchsia and tangerine with the emphasis on fuchsia and pops of tangerine to just break up the space.  Here are the inspiration pictures: via pinterest. I love how saturated the […]

Changes…and new Additions

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  While I’ve been blogging now for a little over 7 months, I’m starting to feel like I need to get more direction for the blog.  The intent of starting the blog was to support my interior design projects.  However, I’ve actually come to enjoy the process and sharing […]

Back in the States and A Little Overwhelmed

So we’ve been back home for a few days and trying to get over the jet lag and the general sense of laziness that vacations create.  There’s a crazy amount of things happening in addition to the house renovations.  I’m trying to get it all organized and focused so I can share on the blog […]


We’ve left Argentina and have made our way to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With the help of new expat friends, we’ve had the opportunity to see a different side from regular tourists and we’re loving it. While it’s clearly pre-Carnaval time and a lot more things are going on, Rio just seems to have this […]

Don’t Cry For Me Either, Argentina

Last day in Buenos Aires and headed to Brazil tomorrow. Hope to have one last steak dinner tonight and just relax and enjoy this interesting city. On this trip, we are very relaxed tourists. We have been just strolling through neighborhoods, stopping at cafes, napping in the park to get ready for late dinners and […]


I’m away for the next few days traveling around Argentina and Brazil!! I’ll be dropping in a few times to say hi (and share some pics) but will not have design posts up until next week. The Pink Palace – I think I deserve one of these. Sunday antique market. So many stalls we couldn’t […]

Obsession: Wallpaper Backsplash

I’ve been dying to put in a wallpaper backsplash in a kitchen for a while.  In my opinion, a tile backsplash can seem a little cold and uninteresting even when done really well unless it’s a colorful mosaic or pattern.  I think it’s just my desire to bring in a little pattern into a space […]

Renovation Realities: Lessons Learned

While I’m clearly no expert in renovations or contractors, I’ve learned a few lessons (some the hard way) during this process.  I thought I’d shared a few tidbits this morning.   Lesson 1: It’s OK to Be A Micromanager (or It’s OK to Be A Nagging Bitch) In general, I’m the opposite of a micromanager. […]