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Before and (Almost) After: Master Bathroom

The last room I’ll show this week is the master bathroom – as it’s the only room left with a significant noticeable difference.  The other rooms (living room, dining, den, etc.) are definitely different but it’s small differences that make it more comfortable – removing popcorn ceiling, installing hardwood floors, new trim, etc.  So I’ll […]

Before and (Almost) After: Kitchen Progress

Let’s start this progress update with the kitchen.  When we bought the house the kitchen looked like this: The original floorplan had an opening to the dining room as well as the back hallway.  The kitchen was 16′ x 14′ but had a ton of unnecessary angles and cabinets that made it less functional. The […]

Before and (Almost) After Week

Happy Monday! (Maybe acting excited for Monday will make you feel the same way :)). So I thought a “great” idea for this week would be to spend the week giving a before and (almost) after tour of the house. Each day, I’ll showcase two rooms. We’ll show how they started on the day we […]

Kitchen Hardware

I’ve spent the last few days looking for kitchen hardware for the cabinets. There are so many options and price ranges! I spent time at Liz’s Antique Hardware in Los Angeles and found these beauties: Love these but they are both $24 each pull. With over 24 drawers and 12 doors in the kitchen, this […]

Obsessions: Pendant Lighting

Sorry to report that I still haven’t received my new camera so there will be no in progress pictures today. I know many people do not like overhead lighting but I think every room could use a nice chandelier.  It doesn’t have to function as the main lighting in the room as there obviously needs to […]

Master Bedroom Progress

We’ve actually made progress in many of the room in the house and I now can start thinking more about the design process.  I mentioned before that I really wanted a purple bedroom and was in the process of purchasing this purple grasscloth to get the room started. But two things happened before I was […]

Kitchen Progess Update

One of the main reasons that I didn’t post much for the past few weeks is that our SLR camera was stolen.  And while the iPhone camera is fairly solid when the lighting is good, when you live in a construction zone with perpetual bad lighting, the pictures just look a little blah.   But […]