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Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year’s Eve celebration and is ready for a great 2013! Sorry I’ve been away for so long! I’m planning to get right back in the swing of things with the new year and be a much better blogger. We’ll focus more on renovation realities, inspiration pieces, and my […]

Master Bathroom – Design Inspiration

Now that most of the big stuff for the master bathroom has come together, I can focus on those small details that will make the room sing.  The design plan includes a marble backdrop (shower and floors), black vanity with white quartz countertop, white/light gray walls, and chrome accents.  I’ve been going back and forth […]

Master Bathroom Design

Let’s kick this week off with a look at the progress in the master bathroom.  Taking a look back, this is how the master bathroom looked in all its pink glory: Due to budget constraints, we decided to keep the footprint of the bathroom the same.  However, we replaced the sunken tub with a wider […]

Renovation Update: Flooring

The last time I mentioned flooring, I was planning on going with this lovely acacia floors: I decided that I didn’t want the floors to steal the show. With that much pattern and movement, I was concerned that it would overwhelm the space.  Essentially, I chickened-out and decided to go with a more uniform dark […]

I’m Baaaackkk!!

Hello Lovelies – Sorry I’ve been away for so long.  We lived without internet in the new house for almost two weeks and then other things just took over my life.  It’s been a crazy few weeks but things are finally moving along.  I’ll be back later this week with more design-related news but here […]

Moving Day!!

Craziness is happening at the house and I’m here with the movers trying to empty the apartment. Sad to be leaving this view: And Nala will have no more of this: But I’m excited for the new adventures in LA and living in a partially renovated house. Let the games begin!!

Crazy Week Ahead

Happy Monday! I’ll likely be MIA this week as I’m packing and moving into the unfinished house on Wednesday. I thought I had a good start on packing but with the trip to Chicago and Detroit, I’m super screwed with the amount that needs to be done before the movers arrive (or I’ll pay them […]

Traveling Today and New Walls

I’m on the road traveling today but I had a very productive day yesterday with our inspections going well, the kitchen and new powder room demo’d and ready for framing, and the bedroom walls and ceilings are all finished. The guys have a work plan for the next few days while I’m gone and I […]

Renovation Realities: Decisions Decisions

This might be completely obvious to most people but there are many decisions to make when renovating a house.  I think the adjective “many” is not strong enough as it feels like MILLIONS of decisions.  On any given day, you are making decisions about small and large issues and sometimes you need to make them […]

Renovation Realities: Progress!!

So over the last week, there has been a ton of action at the house.  We still have a long way to go before it’s pretty but I’m so excited to see actual progress. Here’s what’s happened in the last 6 days: A lead abatement company came and removed all the tile that contained lead. […]