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My weekend ended with this: Otherwise, we had a great weekend. Our good friends from San Francisco came to visit with their adorable daughter and we ate good food, enjoyed the beach, they drank alot, and L.A. traffic wasn’t too bad.  It’s very rare when I’m actually looking forward to the beginning of the week […]

Obsess Much: Pinterest

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that “lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.” It’s such a simple concept and an amazing site that it blows my mind that someone didn’t think of this before. Obviously, Pinterest is a great way to view pretty pictures, save/bookmark resources, and get […]

Renovation Crazy: Kitchen Plans

It’s a new month, so let’s start it off with discussing the new house!  Let’s start with the kitchen as it’s the space that I’ve spent more time analyzing than any other one….and I have 10 different design plans to show it!  The kitchen now is fairly long and awkward with two entrances and cabinets […]

Patience Is A Virtue … That I Don’t Want

It’s only 8 in the morning and I’m already having one of those days. I’m working with a vendor that is seriously testing my patience My desire to tell them what to do with their product is so strong that I can barely stand it. I wish I was more like this: But I’m much […]

Design Files: Bedroom Makeover

I recently completed a bedroom project which has to be one of my favorite to date. My client is a very stylish nonprofit executive. His bedroom was definitely not a true reflection of his style or class. He has lived in this apartment for years and had never really gotten around to doing anything to […]

Obsess Much: Entry Foyer

I’ve never lived in a house/apartment that had a true entry foyer/area.  For the most part, I’ve always walked straight into my living area.  In my next house, I hope to have an entry foyer if only to use some of the ideas presented in these inspiration images: Hopefully if you ever come to visit, […]

Lovely Weather Changes Everything

For years, I’ve had an unhealthy obsession with San Francisco. The city is unbelievably gorgeous with iconic bridges, water views, and European cityscapes. The food is top notch with a small population serving up a diverse mix of cuisine ranging from Peruvian to Burmese and everything in between. (I must admit that the barbecue and […]

Craftastic Vanity

I don’t consider myself to be especially crafty.  I’m very handy and love any kind of power tool but have never been interested in crafty endeavors like scrapbooking or things that require Mod Podge.  (I’m not sure if sewing would count as crafty…not that it matters because I also suck at that but I’ve been […]