Before and (Almost) After: Kitchen Progress

Let’s start this progress update with the kitchen.  When we bought the house the kitchen looked like this:

Original kitchen






The original floorplan had an opening to the dining room as well as the back hallway.  The kitchen was 16′ x 14′ but had a ton of unnecessary angles and cabinets that made it less functional.

The plan of attack was to make the kitchen smaller but more functional.  Closing the kitchen off to the back of the house allowed us to add a powder room and pantry.  It also allowed us to create better flow throughout the house as I’m not the biggest fan of multiple entrances in rooms.  (We actually had other plans but those involved taking down walls and other changes that just didn’t make financial sense.  You can see those here.)

Here is the updated floorplan:

Final Kitchen Floor Plan

And here are the inspiration board that I put together when planning the kitchen:


After demolition, inspections, and hours of work, this is where we are now:





Completed Items:

  • Walls moved/added
  • Opening enlarged
  • Electrical upgraded and lights installed
  • Hardwood floors installed
  • Walls primed and painted
  • Cabinet boxes installed
  • Quartz countertops installed
  • Appliances installed
  • Plumbing updated and fixtures installed

We’ve come along way and have a working kitchen but there is still a ton to do.

Outstanding Items:

  • Install these beautiful pendants above the island.  
  • Install shelving in pantry
  • Install custom blue lacquered doors and trim
  • Build box for above refrigerator – due to a cabinet ordering mistake
  • Find pendant for above sink area
  • Install microwave in tall cabinet
  • Determine handles for kitchen cabinets – order and install
  • Install hot water dispenser
  • Buy trash cans for cabinets
  • Pick backsplash and install
  • Finishing items – trim around pocket door, HVAC vent cover
  • Organize, organize, organize!

Cabinet doors are finished and will be installed next week so I’m hoping that I’ll have finished several of the other items on the list by then and we’ll be working with a fully functioning kitchen before the month is out!

Hope you enjoyed this before and (almost) after.  I’m finding it very useful for me to chronicle what has happened as well as keep my list of outstanding items up to date so I don’t get too cocky about finishing :).

Tomorrow, I’ll focus on the new powder room and the guest bathroom (so you can see that not all things have progressed as far :)).

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