I’m away for the next few days traveling around Argentina and Brazil!! I’ll be dropping in a few times to say hi (and share some pics) but will not have design posts up until next week. The Pink Palace – I think I deserve one of these. Sunday antique market. So many stalls we couldn’t […]

Obsession: Wallpaper Backsplash

I’ve been dying to put in a wallpaper backsplash in a kitchen for a while.  In my opinion, a tile backsplash can seem a little cold and uninteresting even when done really well unless it’s a colorful mosaic or pattern.  I think it’s just my desire to bring in a little pattern into a space […]

Renovation Realities: Lessons Learned

While I’m clearly no expert in renovations or contractors, I’ve learned a few lessons (some the hard way) during this process.  I thought I’d shared a few tidbits this morning.   Lesson 1: It’s OK to Be A Micromanager (or It’s OK to Be A Nagging Bitch) In general, I’m the opposite of a micromanager. […]

Happy MLK Day!

Before and (Almost) After: Master Bathroom

The last room I’ll show this week is the master bathroom – as it’s the only room left with a significant noticeable difference.  The other rooms (living room, dining, den, etc.) are definitely different but it’s small differences that make it more comfortable – removing popcorn ceiling, installing hardwood floors, new trim, etc.  So I’ll […]

Before and (Almost) After: Guest Bathrooms

I’m going to call this before and (almost) after the story of how money runs out and things don’t progress. Powder Room As mentioned yesterday, we made the kitchen smaller to allow space for a guest powder room. I’m a big believer in powder rooms as I don’t want to have to clean my bathroom […]