Design Files: Loungy Bathroom Update

Last year, I had the pleasure of helping a church update their bathrooms.  I shared the plans and renderings here.  Just for a recap, this was the plan.

C:UsersOwnerDocumentsNew Floorplan.pdf

I don’t have many before pictures as I was called in at the beginning of the construction phase.  But this is how the space looked at that point:

IMG_1964 IMG_1966 IMG_1967

My client was nice enough to send me some phone pictures of the space.  There are still a few things to finish but it’s functional and it looks fantastic.

Bath5 Bath4 Bath3 Bath1 Bath2

My favorite part is the replacement of the bathroom stalls with individual rooms to make it feel less sterile and “public.” I also love the tile around the room and the mosaic tile accents.  Hopefully we’ll get some better pics and finish the design in the near future.

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House Reveal: Guest Bathroom

The only other full bathroom in the house is attached to the nursery.

When we bought the house, the bathroom contained yellow and black tiles/sinks/tubs/etc.  It actually wasn’t horrible and I would have been content with spraying it all white but the tiles contained lead and had to be professionally removed.  Here are before pics:

Yellow Bathroom Yellow Bathroom

The budget was pretty tight with this bathroom.  We used basic subway tile with dark grey grout, installed cork tile flooring, and just added some colorful accents.  This image was the beginning of the plan:

The Happy Elephant by Zlatka Paneva

The Happy Elephant by Zlatka Paneva

And here it is in the final version: (Fair warning: The remaining photographs of the house were taken by moi….so they are pretty sucky. Plus the room is somewhat dark or shadowy and hard to photograph :).)

Bath1 Bath3 Bath5

We still need to paint the doors and some of the trim but this room is essentially done.

Bathroom Renovation - Joy Street Design - Bathroom Renovation - Joy Street Design - Bathroom Renovation - Joy Street Design - Bathroom Renovation - Joy Street Design - Bathroom Renovation - Joy Street Design - Bathroom Renovation - Joy Street Design - Bathroom Renovation - Joy Street Design -

I’m loving how bright the room is (more so than in photos) and the fun/colorful accents.  Zoe seems to like it as well …although she’s not too discerning in what she likes.  😀

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House Reveal: Master Bathroom

Let’s finish this week with a before and after of the master bathroom.

Here it is in all it’s initial pink glory:

Pink sunken tub with matching tile and curtains.  Best part is the showerhead hits your shoulder.

Pink sunken tub with matching tile and curtains. Best part is the showerhead hits your shoulder.


We didn’t do that much to reconfigure the space.  We added all new plumbing and leveled the floor from the sunken tub to make one massive shower.  Next we added a lot of marble and black tile, heated floor mats, white Quartz countertops, and chrome accents.  And here’s the final reveal:

Bathroom Renovation - Joy Street Design -

Bathroom Renovation - Joy Street Design -

Bathroom Renovation - Joy Street Design -

(ignore the empty frames :))

Here are all the details:

Bathroom Renovation - Joy Street Design - Bathroom Renovation - Joy Street Design - www.joystreetdesign.comBathroom Renovation - Joy Street Design - Bathroom Renovation - Joy Street Design - Bathroom Renovation - Joy Street Design - Bathroom Renovation - Joy Street Design -

All photos taken by the wonderful Katrin Auch.

Next week, I’ll reveal the master bedroom, guest bathroom, and the most important part of the house – the bar closet :).  Happy Friday!!

I’d love to help you design a space that you love and truly represents you.  Please contact me if you are interested.

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Before and (Almost) After: Master Bathroom

The last room I’ll show this week is the master bathroom – as it’s the only room left with a significant noticeable difference.  The other rooms (living room, dining, den, etc.) are definitely different but it’s small differences that make it more comfortable – removing popcorn ceiling, installing hardwood floors, new trim, etc.  So I’ll wait to show those until the new furniture comes (and is ordered :)) before showing the rooms.

Anyway, here is the master bathroom before we moved in…in all its pink and sunken tub glory:

Master Bathroom with matching pink sinks.

Master Bathroom with matching pink sinks.

Sunken pink tub

Sunken pink tub

My inspiration for the bathroom was something classic with marble tiles and black accents:

Inspiration image

Inspiration image (Pinterest)

This is where we stand now:

Shower stall tiling completed.

Master Bath 1Master Bath 3

The other side of the bathroom is where we’ve stalled: Master Bath 2But everything is now fixed so we can finish it up:

  • Install light fixtures (already purchased)
  • Install cabinet doors (now that plumbing is fixed)
  • Prime and paint
  • Cabinet handles
  • Install thermostat for heated floors
  • Add storage

This room is clearly the most far along and I actually think we’ll finish this weekend.  I’ve said that for the past few weeks so let’s hope I’m right!!

Have a great weekend!

Before and (Almost) After: Guest Bathrooms

I’m going to call this before and (almost) after the story of how money runs out and things don’t progress.

Powder Room

As mentioned yesterday, we made the kitchen smaller to allow space for a guest powder room.

Final Kitchen Floor Plan

I’m a big believer in powder rooms as I don’t want to have to clean my bathroom every time I have a dinner guests.  It’s a small room that really allows you to keep people out of your business.  Anyway, here is the floorplan for the room:

Powder Room Floorplan

Powder Room Floorplan

As you can see it’s not a terribly large room – approximately 5′ x 5′-6″.  The bones of the room have been done since before we moved in (and it was our only working bathroom for almost a week after moving in).  But we have yet to do anything but put in the hardwood floors and put up a coat of primer (and a leftover light fixture from pre-renovation).  So here she is in all her glory:

Powder Bathroom

Powder Bathroom

Powder Bathroom Pic 2It’s terribly difficult to get a good picture of the small space (and I didn’t try that hard since it’s really just a white box).  But these are the things that are still left to be done:

  • Install trim around door and baseboards
  • Figure out design scheme (including wallpaper, etc.)
  • Purchase mirror
  • Purchase light fixture
  • Install bars and other fixtures
  • Buy accessories

I have no idea where I want to go with this bathroom and it honestly isn’t that high of a priority right now.  I’m just happy we have a working bathroom and increase the overall number of bathrooms in the house fairly inexpensively.

Guest Bathroom

The second guest bathroom is a full bathroom connected to the larger guest room.  We referred to it as our yellow submarine bathroom for quite some time.  This is how it looked before:

Yellow Bathroom

Yellow Bathroom

You can barely see it but there is a teeny tiny shower in the right corner of the bottom picture that is also covered in yellow tile.  And of course this was another room that had two access points.  I hate the access into the guest bedroom and think the door makes it feel much smaller than it really is.  However, we decided to just reverse the swing of the door (so that it didn’t go into the bathroom) and see how it works in practice.  If it’s not really needed, we could always just drywall the opening later.

After the home inspection, we learned that all the tile (in the entire house) contained lead and needed to be properly removed by a specialist ($$$).  So while this bathroom wasn’t a huge priority for us in this phase of the project, and we had plans to simply spray the current tile white to save money, it just made sense to gut it while the other tile was being removed.



It looked like that for weeks until a cat decided to walk into our house from the hole left from removing the tub (from the crawl space under the house).  At that point, we realized we at least needed to get the bathroom to the drywall phase.  So today it’s a white box that serves as storage for a variety of items.

Storage galore - dog food and bowl, extra hardwood flooring :)

Storage galore – dog food and bowl, extra hardwood flooring 🙂

The only things we have accomplished in the room are adding a new window and updating all the plumbing.  There is still much to be done to this room including:

  • Figure out a damn design plan
  • Buy tile, vanity, and fixtures (lighting and plumbing)
  • Frame mirror
  • Find someone to do the work!

I would venture to say that these rooms (along with the guest bedroom) are the most “undone” rooms in the house and have received the least amount of attention.  These aren’t the rooms that keep me up at night because I can close the door and (sort of) forget about them.  (I say “sort of” because none of the doors in this house actually have handles so they can’t really be closed or stay closed :-)).

Anyhoo, let’s catch up tomorrow with a view of the den and living room!


Master Bathroom – Design Inspiration

Now that most of the big stuff for the master bathroom has come together, I can focus on those small details that will make the room sing.  The design plan includes a marble backdrop (shower and floors), black vanity with white quartz countertop, white/light gray walls, and chrome accents.  I’ve been going back and forth trying to determine if I wanted to use brass/gold accents but after looking at my inspiration photos, I think I want to keep this room classic and will stick with chrome.  (I can have more fun in the other bathrooms. :-))

Here is the “inspiration” photo that started it all:

These are other images that I’ve been loving as well:

I’m trying to push myself to do something different with the design of this house.  Accordingly, this room (along with several others) will be devoid of bold colors.  If I decide later to bring in more color, I can always do it with artwork or accessories.

Now it’s time to focus on finishing touches…lighting, hooks, shelves, artwork, etc.  Onward!

Master Bathroom Design

Let’s kick this week off with a look at the progress in the master bathroom.  Taking a look back, this is how the master bathroom looked in all its pink glory:

Pink sunken tub with matching tile and curtains. Best part is that the showerhead hits your shoulder.

Master Bathroom with matching pink sinks.

Due to budget constraints, we decided to keep the footprint of the bathroom the same.  However, we replaced the sunken tub with a wider shower. We’ve also removed the vanity area and added a larger wall-to-wall vanity (taller and deeper).  Here’s the (updated) floorplan:

We’re using marble subway tiles for the shower and a marble/black basketweave for the floor.  I’m very excited about how the room is turning out and can’t wait to put in the finishing touches.  Here’s a sneak peek:

Shower stall tiling completed.

The shower glass has been installed, the heated floors connected, and the vanity and mirrors installed.  Still waiting on the countertops and deciding on lighting options.  Will provide a more detailed picture once those details are finished.

Happy Monday!

Renovation Realities: Budget Schmudget

In the next tale of renovation realities, I thought it would be nice to discuss budget realities and how they truly affect the grand plans I had for the house.  As most dreamers, we started out with a fairly unrealistic budget that was slowly increased to account for the changes we wanted to make.  However, even after increasing the budget considerably (about 60%), we realized that we still weren’t going to get everything we wanted and we would be required to do some serious DIY (laying the hardwood floors, painting, etc.). The issue with this “realization” is that there are many things in this renovation that need to be done now and then there are things that make sense to do it the proper way now while we are in the midst of the ugly part of the renovation.  So there is only so much we can take out of the budget to make it work for us while doing a good job in getting the house ready for us to live.

Case in point: The house after 3 weeks of renovation and over $30K in costs:

If it’s not obvious, the house looks the f$#*ing same!  Yes, the house has a new HVAC system, new insulation, new windows, etc. and feels much better and has passed building codes but it’s still ugly.  And I’ve already spent a shit ton of money!  That’s crazy talk!

All that being said, I try to keep reminding myself that this is not our “forever” house and we don’t need to spend a ton of money to make changes that won’t truly impact the feel of the house.  It’s hard to remember this when I’m planning and dreaming but when I sit down to look at the budget I somehow don’t have a problem remembering :).  Here are some of the changes that we’ve made to the plan now that the budget has gone haywire:

  • We will no longer be taking down the wall between the kitchen and the family room.  It was going to costs almost $10K when all was said and done and it just didn’t add that much to the house.  We have a large wall opening between the two spaces and I’m not the biggest fan of a completely open kitchen anyway (I hate looking at the dirty dishes during a dinner party).  So I’ve reorganized the kitchen and can now focus on making the kitchen more functional and pretty.  (I’ll share updated plans soon.)
  • We’re not going to tear down all the walls in the master bedroom suite.  After doing the math, we would lose about 2′ in the bedroom just to gain a separate bathtub, shower, and toilet room.  While those things are important to me, due to configuration issues with the windows, etc., I didn’t love the floorplan and wasn’t terribly excited about the new bathroom.  So instead of spending another $5-7K to create just the shell of this bathroom that I wasn’t terribly excited about, I think it makes sense to keep the current floorplan and create an awesome shower (spending more on tile and other fancy features).  I’ll lose the bathtub but I could take a bath in the guest bathroom and call it a day (I’ve taken maybe 2 baths in the last 6 years :)).
  • The popcorn ceilings throughout the house are not actually popcorn and can’t be removed simply (or for the price initially quoted).  Lucky for me the ceilings are plaster and require several skim coats to make it smooth.  It’s going to take at least 2 weeks, cost twice and much, and totally mess up my schedule/budget.  The ceilings are something I’m unwilling to live with so we’ll be doing this no matter what.

On the bright side, today is the first day of real construction and things will start looking pretty.   I’ll snap some progress pics along the way.

P.S. Would love to hear from readers if they are enjoying these renovation realities posts.  Of course I think they are interesting but what the hell do I know :).

Design Files: Loungy Bathroom

I had the pleasure of working on a bathroom re-design for a church last month.  It was a relatively small space but the client wanted to work on changing the dimensions while also creating a nice relaxing environment.  The directive I received was to create a bathroom that was similar in feel to a Nordstrom’s bathroom.  These are the inspiration images the client provided:

The initial layout had two small bathrooms.  Before I came on to the project, the pastor and crew came up with this new layout.

I was to focus on the women’s bathroom so I made a few tweaks and came up with this floorplan instead:

Instead of having a door that led to two industrial looking stalls, we decided to remove a wall and create floor-to-ceiling dividers between the toilets.  This created a little more space in the entryway while also giving a more high-end look to the functional part of the space.  I then created a seating area across from the vanity to create a more “lounge feel” similar to the inspiration images.

For finishes, the budget was tight but we were able to find travertine tiles at a great deal.  We will use the travertine on the floors and up the walls with a decorative mosaic as a chair rail of sorts to break up some of the travertine.  Here is a rendering of the space:

The client didn’t love the turquoise color and we haven’t picked a sofa/loveseat yet but the construction work is finished and the tile is being installed.  I’ll post real pictures when it’s all done!

Have a great weekend!!