House Reveal: Dining “Room”

As promised, here is a full view of the dining room.


The dining room is open to the living room, kitchen, and den.  There is a 2-sided fireplace that separates the dining room from the living room.  When we first moved in, the fireplace had a large overhang/seating area that wrapped around it and protruded into the dining room area.  We had the fireplace seat removed, covered the fireplace with drywall (for now), opened the doorway leading into the den and installed hardwood floors.  We also added a junction box for a chandelier, new windows, and skim-coated all the walls.

Here are the before pictures:

MLS6 MLS3And here it is now:

Dining Room - Joy Street Design - Dining Room - Joy Street Design - Joy Street Design - Joy Street Design - Dining Room-Kitchen - Joy Street Design - Chandelier - Joy Street Design -

Sorry about the dark pictures – some angles were just very difficult to shoot.  I think the chairs play very nicely with the navy blue kitchen and the blue chandelier.

We still have things to do in the room – mainly dealing with that fireplace.  Once we can find some magic money, we’ll add stone all the way to the top.  Until then, that bad boy is out of commission since the drywall is not fire safe :(.  I also can’t decide if I should paint the cabinet since the wood tones are starting to compete or just move it and find a simpler buffet table.  But all in all – I’m happy with the way it’s turned out.

Happy Monday!

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Dining Chair Revamp

I spent the three-day weekend relaxing with the fam so we’ll take this short week off from the reveal of the final rooms in the house.  But I wanted to share a few of the random projects that I never got a chance to discuss.

Last year, I decided I wanted to finally replace our dining room chairs that we’ve had since we bought our first table in the San Francisco house.  The chairs are perfectly decent Ikea upholstered chairs but I thought it was time to come up with something different/better/unique.

I came across this image from Nate Berkus and was immediately smitten.

InspirationThose chairs, that view, the artwork…love it.  Anyway, my room doesn’t look anything like that and I have an open dining room that looks directly into the kitchen (and is sorta next to it).  So I decided to do a green velvet dining chair but I needed it to play nicely with the navy blue kitchen cabinets and the chandelier I had already installed.

I couldn’t find any chairs that I liked (and could afford) so I started a search for vintage chairs that I could recover.  After a few weeks searching, I found these “beauties” on ebay and had them sent across the country.

Chair-Before2 Chair-Before3 Chair-Before6 Chair-Before4I got them all for $50/chair including delivery from NY.  Anyhoo, I found a great fabric and had the chairs reupholstered for about $125/chair.  So for about $175/chair, this is what we’re working with now:

Chair-After1 Chair-After2I know you can’t find mass produced upholstered chairs (non-Ikea) for less than $250/chair so I’m ecstatic that these are custom and exactly what I wanted.  What do you think?

I’ll take some pictures of the entire room this week.

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House Reveal: Bar Closet

Let’s celebrate another wonderful Friday by revealing the best part of the house…the bar closet :).  The closet was originally the location for the furnace.


After we upgraded the HVAC system, we moved the entire unit to the garage and had this empty closet in the main family room.  The closet was skim-coated and painted the same gray as the rest of the main living areas of the house.

Fresh Paint

If you remember in this post, I had trouble deciding the type of bar closet I wanted.  After spotting this fantastic abstract wallpaper from Black Crow Studios, I knew I had a winner.

Black Crow Studios WallpaperThen we added in the wine cabinet (that we scored on Black Friday!) and some shelves to create a great bar.


Although the room gets a lot of natural light and there is ambient lighting elsewhere, the closet was actually a little dark.  I didn’t think of adding lighting during construction and adding it now was cost prohibitive, so I found another solution with LED strips.  It was super easy and it makes a world of difference.

Bar Closet Lighting Bar Closet Lighting2So here is the finished product.

Bar Closet - Joy Street Design - Bar Closet - Joy Street Design - Bar Closet - Joy Street Design -

You’ll be happy to know that the wine fridge is completely stocked and I even removed some of the liquor bottles for the pictures just to make us seem less like alcoholics.  😀  But the true star of the closet is the wallpaper.  I was deciding whether we should put filler panels on the side of the wine fridge but I’m loving how you can see the wallpaper all around.

Bar Closet - Joy Street Design - Bar Closet - Joy Street Design - www.joystreetdesign.comIf you’re ever in the neighborhood, feel free to drop by for a drink!


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Obsessions: Pendant Lighting

Sorry to report that I still haven’t received my new camera so there will be no in progress pictures today.

I know many people do not like overhead lighting but I think every room could use a nice chandelier.  It doesn’t have to function as the main lighting in the room as there obviously needs to be additional lighting options (can lights or lamps, etc.).  I also love the ease of flipping a switch on the wall to illuminate the room.

So now I’m in a house with open ceiling junction boxes in almost every room and I’ve just begun to buy the new fixtures.  Yesterday, two of these lovely diddies arrived and I’m over the moon:

David Hicks Pendant

David Hicks Pendant

The David Hicks pendants are going above my island.  Now I need to find a complementary pendant for the space above the sink (as I thought it would be too much with another one so close).  Furthermore, the dining room is right across from the kitchen and I need a chandelier to hang from the ceiling.  The biggest issue is that I don’t want the chandelier to block our wonderful view from the dining room.  So I think the best option and decision is to look for something with glass globes similar in shape to the David Hicks pendant but clear so as to not obstruct the view.  These are the options that I’m considering:

Custom chandelier created by an Etsy artist.

Custom chandelier created by an Etsy artist.  Not in love with this version necessarily but could have it custom design to be something I love.  

Starburst 8-Light Pendant from

Starburst 8-Light Pendant from – The globes are a little much and it’s difficult to really gauge the size.  Unfortunately, they are only sold online so I wouldn’t be able to see before I buy (and considering the price…I’m a little worried).  

CB2 Firefly Pendant Lamp

CB2 Firefly Pendant Lamp – I don’t love that they aren’t full glass orbs but they are adjustable which is very helpful with the sloped ceiling in the dining room.  

West Elm Globe Pendant - Probably my favorite but they are sold individually and I only have one junction box in the dining room. I also would prefer if it was a brass finish.

West Elm Globe Pendant – Probably my favorite but they are sold individually and I only have one junction box in the dining room. I also would prefer if it was a brass finish.

The budget might make the decision for me but I’m still on the lookout for other options.

I hope to have a camera soon so I can take some pictures of the pendants already in place!

Happy Thoughts: Scenes from my weekend

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. I had a relaxing and productive weekend all wrapped in one.

On the new home front, I received a sample door for my kitchen cabinets:

I don’t think I like the “San Francisco” style and will likely go with a simple Shaker style but the construction on the door was great. I’ll likely order later this week (or early next week whenever demo is done and I can confirm the measurements).

The hubby and I also spent a few hours demolishing the cabinets in the garage.

It wasn’t a major change but was needed to get other parts moving. I’m very excited about what is coming next.

Lastly, we spent Sunday evening with good friends from San Fran enjoying delicious fried chicken from Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc restaurant (being served at Bouchon Beverly Hills).

It was simply delicious along with the steak frites, mussels, and salmon tartare. (Sorry for the bad picture…we had devoured half of it before I remembered to take a picture.) We had a great time catching up and are always happy when friends come in town.

I love weekends like this where you are able to get things done but also relax with afternoon naps and enjoying time with friends and family. Well the weekend is over and I’m off to spend the day screaming at contractors because work on the house starts today!!!!

Here’s to a great week!

More Happy Thoughts: Los Angeles Bars and Restaurants

I’ve had the pleasure to go to a few new restaurants in Los Angeles and thought I would share.

Last weekend, we met some friends at Genwa, a delicious Korean BBQ restaurant.  I tried many new dishes and we ate loads and loads of meat.  It was perfect.

Genwa – accoutrements and grilled meat

I had a fantastic lunch at Le Pain Quotidien in West Hollywood. Lunch was a salad with peaches, burrata, watermelon, and a few greens :).  I couldn’t get enough.

I admittedly don’t spend much time in Long Beach but I’ve identified two great spots for drinks and snacks.  District Wine is a great wine bar that has a solid wine list and outdoor seating.  Their happy hour specials are usually pretty good and the staff is unbelievably nice and courteous every time I’m there.  This type of service makes you want to come back … and back … and back.

They even provide board games to waste time on while you get drunk 🙂

I’ve also been to Fuego at the Maya several times.  The restaurant’s views are fantastic and the happy hour margarita can be deadly.  What’s not to love?

$5 Margaritas with this view…yes please!

Unfortunately, I’m on a self-imposed drinking prohibition for the month of September so I probably won’t have an update for next month.  (Who wants to go out and enjoy a good meal without having a glass of wine too :)).  I’ll be back the following month!

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