We’ve left Argentina and have made our way to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With the help of new expat friends, we’ve had the opportunity to see a different side from regular tourists and we’re loving it.


20130205-082249.jpgWhile it’s clearly pre-Carnaval time and a lot more things are going on, Rio just seems to have this amazing energy. It is very vibrant and visually diverse.


20130205-082408.jpgWe’re headed home soon so just trying to enjoy the richness of the environment and not get bummed by the last few days of rain and clouds.


Obrigado! (One of the very few Portuguese words we’ve learned :))

Don’t Cry For Me Either, Argentina

Last day in Buenos Aires and headed to Brazil tomorrow. Hope to have one last steak dinner tonight and just relax and enjoy this interesting city.

On this trip, we are very relaxed tourists. We have been just strolling through neighborhoods, stopping at cafes, napping in the park to get ready for late dinners and super late clubbing :). All in all, life ain’t bad.

For this to be such a cosmopolitan and bustling city, it’s amazing the sheer number of trees and parks everywhere. It’s gorgeous!

For some reason, people are fascinated with the cemetery where Evita is buried. I’ve never understood this but, of course, we went and took the obligatory pictures.

So far we’ve had parilla (Argentina meat), Italian, tons of cafe food, and a little Peruvian. Luckily this is a walking city because it might be easy to get fat here.



I’m away for the next few days traveling around Argentina and Brazil!! I’ll be dropping in a few times to say hi (and share some pics) but will not have design posts up until next week.

The Pink Palace – I think I deserve one of these.

Sunday antique market. So many stalls we couldn’t finish!


Here’s hoping you have a great week – including a little tango on the street!

P.S. Who knew that Argentina had world class ice cream … Things are going to get real ugly 🙂