Craftastic Vanity

I don’t consider myself to be especially crafty.  I’m very handy and love any kind of power tool but have never been interested in crafty endeavors like scrapbooking or things that require Mod Podge.  (I’m not sure if sewing would count as crafty…not that it matters because I also suck at that but I’ve been trying to learn more.)  Anyway, we had a good amount of space on the side of the bed and our nightstands were too small.  I had hoped to buy this vanity from West Elm for the space but it was actually (a stupid) 2″ too big for the space.

So I had the crazy idea to just revamp a Craigslist dresser into a similar vanity.  It started with this $50 dresser and then turned into this craft-like experiment.

I “simply” cut the top off, painted it, attached hinges, changed the knobs, découpaged the inside of the drawers, and added a mirror.

I thought this project would be super easy – a can of paint and a mirror – but due to other commitments, it took me almost six months to actually finish it.  If I wasn’t glutton for punishment, I would figure out that I seem to often underestimate how long a DIY project will take.  But instead, I’m always super excited.

Anyway, once the vanity was finished, we moved and didn’t need such a specific size nightstand.  To make matters even worse, I don’t need a vanity.  I don’t wear much makeup and can usually just apply it while in the bathroom like a normal person.  Kudos to me for wasting my time. 🙂  I think we will now be putting this on Craigslist to try to at least recoup some of the money.  Good times!!

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