Crushing On: Nanawall Doors

Sorry to have been away this week.  (Not sure if anyone gives a damn but I care :))  I got pretty sick over the weekend and just didn’t feel like doing much of anything design-related for the last few days.  But now I’m feeling better and ready to get back into the swing of things.

Sometimes I think being a designer is a negative thing when looking for a new house. It’s great that I can see potential in places that look like crap but I also never think that anything is fine as it is now.  (Technically, I shouldn’t blame this inability to be content on our recent house hunting trip as my hubby used to tell me all the time that our last home was not a fixer-upper so I needed to stop coming up with projects.  He was right but I needed things to do…)

Here’s a great example: One of the houses we saw included sliding glass doors that opened to the pool.

These sliding doors needed to be updated but there was really nothing wrong with them. Instead I decided that we needed to make it feel more open and apply a wall of windows/doors.

Enter my current crush of NanaWall doors.  These doors are simply amazing.

These doors are also ridiculously expensive.  It’s probably not a big deal when the home’s value is million(s) of dollars.  However, we are not looking for houses anywhere near that range so it’s clearly not happening.  After a little research, I realized that the doors might costs as much as the house (just kidding).  So I’ll continue to just dream (about the doors and the views) 🙂

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