Custom Shelving: A Reluctant DIY (Part Deux)

When we last visited my saga with the custom shelving, I was sitting pretty having just completed my shoe closet.

Oh Sweet Joy!

After finishing the closet successfully, it was time to tackle the much larger project of the living room shelves.

Fireplace Nook (Pre-Purchase Staging)

First, we had the entire room painted with a contrasting color for the fireplace and nook.

You can see the lovely large television we planned to use in the space 🙂

The plan for the living room was essentially the same as the shoe closet except these shelves would need much more support.  Therefore, I added cleats on the side wall as well as the back wall.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of how I constructed the shelves but it was a pain in the ass.  Given the span of the shelves, there is no way I could have used a solid piece of wood (with the necessary routed space for the cleats) without sagging from the heaviness of the books.  So instead I used two pieces of plywood connected with an oak 1×4 to create the illusion of a solid piece of wood.  I built the shelves in our loft office space.  It required several trips to the hardware store, nailing (by hand), setting the nails, patching, painting and more painting, etc. and took almost 2 months.  It was a lot of tedious work but (possibly due to a false sense of competency and drinking) I kept the faith and believed it would work.  I also did a dry run of the first shelf before continuing on.

Hubby = manual labor 🙂

After months of work, here is the final product:

At some point, we added a massive television and styling to the shelves but for a while we just marveled at the completed project.  These shelves have now been in the house with no issues of sagging or lack of support for almost 7 years.  Not to tout my own horn but I was very very proud of this work.  I won’t ever do this again but I’m still very proud :).

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  1. Rufus Coleman
    Rufus Coleman says:

    Please move back. I miss that house and the shenanigans that room brought about. Great article!

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