Design Files: Bedroom Makeover

I recently completed a bedroom project which has to be one of my favorite to date. My client is a very stylish nonprofit executive. His bedroom was definitely not a true reflection of his style or class. He has lived in this apartment for years and had never really gotten around to doing anything to the bedroom. He wanted a stylish, sultry, and adult bedroom space. Here are a few before pictures:

Ignore the mess…he’s going to kill me for posting these before images.

Great bay window but completely ignored now.

And this is how it looks now:

The first thing I wanted to do was get more use out of the bay window. We created a window bench and added curtains in front of the bench to create a nook for laying in the window. The curtains were the first thing in the room that we picked so we used that as the jumping off point for the color scheme. My seamstress included blackout lining on the curtains so that at night he could close off the entire nook and have a very dark room for sleeping.

Window nook with bench and curtains

Bay window nook closed with blackout curtains

The room is a decent size so we painted the room (including the ugly closet doors) a rich deep teal (SW Tempe Star). It reads much more navy in the pics but it’s so yummy on the walls in the room (our contractor actually used it in his bedroom after applying it to this room).

Lastly, I wanted to bring in some brass/gold accents. I’m in love with the light fixture that is brass but has a pop of teal inside the fixture. For such a statement piece, it was super inexpensive!

Hanging pendant

To bring in more brass accents, we included it in the curtain rod and changed out the knobs on the dresser, nightstand, and bench.

In-progress Instagram pic

With the addition of a painting purchased by my client, I think the room really comes together. It feels warm and inviting. I definitely wanted to take a nap that day!

All “after” photos taken by Samantha Cooper Photography.

If you would like help creating a space you love, please contact me for design services.

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