To Boldly Go Where Everyone Has Already Gone….

I’m finally jumping on the blogging bandwagon (albeit so late it might have already jumped the shark). In the last few months, there has been a tremendous amount of change in my life and I figured what better way to document it than a blog. Furthermore, I left all my friends in San Francisco and need to think that someone is listening to me talk.  🙂

I anticipate that this blog will focus on interior design and learning to love & live in Southern California. I recently left my career as a corporate attorney to begin an interior design firm, Joy Street Design, and moved to Los Angeles (after being in San Francisco for almost 10 years).

When agreeing to the move, I imagined my life would be filled with looking at pretty fabrics and furniture, sun/beach, and drinking (the last part being a common theme around these parts). Essentially, I thought I would look like this:

And live in a house like this:


While doing this:

Mel B sipping champagne by the pool.

Life was going to be good. I wasn’t going to be an attorney, I’d have a perpetual tan, and I’d sip champagne by the pool in our new house.

IF ONLY!! I now know that I didn’t really think this fantasy through (which my hubby probably isn’t surprised by). I definitely don’t have a body like that and don’t have the funds to live in a house like that or a life that allows me to drink champagne by the pool daily (or weekly, monthly, etc.).

So far, my life has looked more like this:



More Traffic.

With a little bit of the fun stuff:

Nala frolicking on the beach.

Memorial Day BBQ.

So all is not lost…haha!

I’m slowly beginning to like Los Angeles, getting out of the house and exploring more, searching for that house with a pool, and getting back to normal.

This blog will follow me through the trials and tribulations as I navigate this new world. The posts will focus mainly on interior design but will also probably include the random musings of the day. I hope it’ll be informative and helpful but also very entertaining. As I’ve been said to lack a verbal filter, I would guess the entertaining part may be easier than the other promises.

Join me…I’ll do my best to make it fun.

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  1. Donna
    Donna says:

    Love your new blog Kelly!

    Miss your smiling face up here in (at the moment foggy) San Francisco!

    Best to you in all of your new endeavors and adventures!


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