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For our first year in LA, the hubby and I decided to rent an apartment so that we could figure out the landscape and neighborhoods (since we heard you can lose friends by moving too far away). We have been renting a great apartment on Ocean Blvd in Long Beach (the LBC as it’s commonly called…ha!). We are across the street from the ocean, have amazing views, and great outdoor space.

The only problem (other than the absurd rent) is that Long Beach is extremely far from Los Angeles. Actually, it’s only approximately 25 miles from downtown LA but in LA traffic, I might as well have stayed in San Francisco. It’s been great experiencing life in Long Beach. We’ve met interesting and nice people and have had the opportunity to live in a place we are in no position to buy. But now it’s time to move on.

Since the beginning of June, we’ve been looking for a house. One of the perks of being an attorney in California is that you can sit for the real estate brokers license exam without satisfying the education and work experience requirements. So I decided to get my brokers license earlier this year to save the 2-3% fee charged by a broker (or in the case of buying-to make the 2-3% fee). This sounds great until you account for the fact that I have no damn idea what I’m doing most days. This fact coupled with my ignorance of LA neighborhoods has led to some very interesting house hunting trips in suspect neighborhoods.

I considered getting an experienced broker for the help and to just have someone to go to the houses with me (the hubby generally only visits those houses that make the initial cut). But then a friend (who shall remain nameless) said that I was essentially going to be paying $15K to have a friend (!) and I should suck it up, learn what I needed, and do it. I don’t agree with the characterization but I sucked it up and have been learning as I go (and bothering my friends who do this for a living…thanks!!).

I’ve seen over 40 houses (with my own eyeballs) and its amazing what passes as appropriate these days. I’ll leave you with some of the “best” images from a few homes.

Lovely updated bathroom

Yummy knotty paneling in the bedroom with 6′ 9″ ceilings

Someone hold me back from jumping in this refreshing pool! #iwantapool

P.S. This is my first post on a mobile device, so please excuse any formatting errors.

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