House Reveal: Nursery

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  We had a great Thanksgiving with friends, scored some great finds on Black Friday, and had a low-key first Christmas for Zoe.  The best is that we were able to focus on those last finishing touches for the house and finally had them photographed.  So to get this year started, let’s spend a few days doing a house reveal.  A few months ago, I did a before and (almost) after series but this will be much better! So let’s start with the nursery because (1) it is the best room in the house and (2) it makes me very happy.

Here is the room when we moved in:

MLS22It was a basic and large room.  It was also one of the least offensive rooms in the house.  But we took it from basic to this:

Zoe's Nursery - Joy Street Design - Zoe's Nursery - Joy Street Design - Zoe's Nursery - Joy Street Design -

The first thing we did was skim coat all the walls and ceiling, install dark hardwood floors, add new windows, and remove the mirrored closet doors.  Then the window wall, ceiling, and closet were painted a pale pink.  (I discussed the inspiration for this room here).

Zoe's Nursery - Joy Street Design - Zoe's Nursery - Joy Street Design - www.joystreetdesign.comNext, we added the gorgeous wallpaper to all the walls.  The custom features were added next – a glider (score from Craigslist), the full-size pink linen daybed, and the drawer-bookshelf built-ins.

Zoe's Nursery - Joy Street Design - Zoe's Nursery - Joy Street Design - Zoe's Nursery - Joy Street Design -

We repurposed a dresser and added these wonderful animal & baby prints to the wall.

Zoe's Nursery - Joy Street Design -

We then added other fun accessories to complete the room – a monogrammed changing table runner, pink knobs on the drawers and hamper, pink tassel curtains for the closet, book ledges, and a great cowhide patchwork rug from our babymoon in Brazil.  Most importantly, there is a great orange dog bed for Nala (to be harassed by Zoe during the day).

Zoe's Nursery - Joy Street Design - Zoe's Nursery - Joy Street Design - www.joystreetdesign.comI LOVE this room! It’s a room I would have died to have as a kid.  I also think Zoe’s quite smitten with the room – when she’s being changed, you can often find her stroking the wallpaper. 🙂

The best part is that I don’t think the room is a “baby’s room.”  Sure it’s a nursery and it’s definitely very girly, but once she’s out of the crib, she can easily transition into the daybed without us needing to change anything.  Let’s hope she agrees until she’s eighteen (or in boarding school…ha)!

Zoe's Nursery - Joy Street Design - www.joystreetdesign.comAll photos taken by the wonderful Katrin Auch.  She’s responsible for these photos as well as our great newborn photos for Zoe.  If you’re in the LA area, you should reach out to her.

Hope you all like it!

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  1. Delvecchio Finley
    Delvecchio Finley says:

    Very nice. I noticed a lion on the wall. I just suggested they didn’t do that in the Peds ER. I think I’ll let them go forward since it hasn’t frightened Zoe. Clearly I recognize she doesn’t know any better yet, but one day she will.

    Nice work

  2. Lourdes Chang
    Lourdes Chang says:

    Wow, this room came out fabulously, Kelly! You really have a good eye for color combinations and unique patterns. I love this room too. Congratulations!!

  3. Vel
    Vel says:

    This is almost exactly what I was planning to do for my daughter’s nursery! Wonderful job and love the inspiration!

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