Obsess Much: Herringbone Hardwood Floors

My current obsession is herringbone hardwood floors.  Herringbone floors are composed of pieces of wood of equal size arranged in a zig-zag pattern.  They are fairly traditional in Europe but are used less rarely in the U.S.  The key to the beauty of these floors is the fact that they are installed piece-by-piece in various configurations.  The size of the boards can vary and can be stained any color (or multiple colors).  I think they look better when stained a medium to dark tone.

Light modern version of herringbone floors

Wider planks, darker, and more rustic

Dark and rich herringbone floors

Alternating colors in a chevron pattern (a variation on herringbone pattern)

Given the difficulty in installing these floors, they are considerably more expensive than simple hardwood floor planks.  The likelihood of having this anytime soon in my house is slim…but  a girl can dream.

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