Olympics Fever

For the last few days, I have been sitting on the couch consumed with watching the Olympics.  There are some sports I love to watch – gymnastics, track (not so much the field part), and swimming/diving.  Then there are sports that really make you question the governing body that determines what is an Olympic sport.  Here are a few examples:

Really….we need two people on each side to play table tennis. The table is so small that it’s comical.

Handball…no need to dribble, kick, or show any real skill other than running and throwing the ball. This seems like a backyard game with 6-year-olds and no rules.

Canoe Sprint…I just don’t get it. It’s clearly just a show of brute strength but it might be the most boring thing I’ve seen since Spielberg’s A.I.

I know everyone won’t agree with me on this but I think beach volleyball is a tad bit ridiculous as an Olympic sport. I believe if the women wore more clothes, there is no way that anyone but potheads on the beach would give a damn about this “sport” (and rightfully so :)).  

Even with the horrible coverage of the Olympics by NBC and the most asinine commentators in the world, I’m really enjoying the determination, strength, and excitement from the athletes.  Let’s end this post on a more positive note…here are my favorites winners so far:

McKayla Maroney … didn’t know who she was before this week but her vault in the team final might have been the best thing I’ve seen this Olympics.

Usain Bolt … in a crowded field of super cocky track stars, Bolt is my total favorite 🙂

And of course…Gabby Douglas.

Hope you’re enjoying the Olympics as much as we are!

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P.S. Last night there was an earthquake and neither the hubby or I moved because we were watching the Olympics.  We should probably sit down and have a discussion about priorities :).


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