Renovation Crazy: Kitchen Plans

It’s a new month, so let’s start it off with discussing the new house!  Let’s start with the kitchen as it’s the space that I’ve spent more time analyzing than any other one….and I have 10 different design plans to show it!  The kitchen now is fairly long and awkward with two entrances and cabinets blocking the view.  Here’s the kitchen in it’s current state:

Besides the obvious cosmetic changes, we’re going to drastically change the kitchen.  First we’re going to make it little less wide by building a new wall and closing off the second entrance.  This will allow us to create a half-bathroom on the other side of the wall.  Second, we are also planning to remove the wall between the family room and kitchen to have a more open space plan.  Lastly, we’ll reconfigure the layout to take advantage of the new open plan and obtain more of the view.  It’s easier to envision this by looking at the floorplan.  Here is the original floorplan:

And here is the new floorplan:

Obviously, most of this new plan is contingent upon the permit department as there are major structural changes.  I’ll be back tomorrow with the inspiration for the space and some cool ideas I’m hoping to include.

Headed to the permit department now.  Enjoy your day!

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