Nursery Art

I’m not a big fan of buying art for a specific space.  I prefer to pick up pieces that I like while traveling or exploring and finding somewhere to put them in the house.  I hate looking for pieces simply to fill a space.

That being said…I’m now in that exact predicament.  The nursery is complete except for artwork on the walls.  I really need something to break up the wallpaper and provide some relief on the eyes.  Luckily, it’s a nursery and things don’t have to be too serious in there. I’ve narrowed it down to wanting some sort of animals, preferably baby animals.  Now I just need to figure out the style…modern pop art, watercolors, etc.  Here’s what I’ve been considering:


Via art.comFlamingo

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galleryvia Etsy

What do you think? The walls are super bare and I need a lot of pieces so cost is a concern.