Renovation Realities: Decisions Decisions

This might be completely obvious to most people but there are many decisions to make when renovating a house.  I think the adjective “many” is not strong enough as it feels like MILLIONS of decisions.  On any given day, you are making decisions about small and large issues and sometimes you need to make them with little time to think about it.  

As a designer, it’s fun to make decisions about other people’s houses and spaces.  It’s almost as if I can look at the space and meet with the client and quickly have an idea of how I think the space should come together.  This initial idea might change over time as I work with the client but it’s very rare that I just have no ideas or am hesitant in making suggestions.  

This is the exact opposite of how I feel about my own house.  I’ve been planning and thinking about the house for months now and I’m still hesitant to pull the trigger on certain things.  It’s almost ridiculous in that I spend hours researching, I go to the store to see the product, and then redo it all a few weeks later.  This indecisiveness has left me scrambling this past week trying to finally pick the tile and bath fixtures because the contractor is ready for them NOW!  So now I’m kicking myself for being such an arse and not buying it weeks ago and might be forced to compromise and get my second choice items because I was so lame.  

So the advice this week from Renovation Realities is to be prepared to make decisions and try not to procrastinate. 🙂