Before & After: Glider

If I thought I wanted to marry the wallpaper in the nursery, I must be ready to commit polygamy with the new glider. It’s so pretty and perfect!

Isn’t it great? As I was planning the nursery, I started researching gliders and realized that all the non-ugly ones costs upwards of $1200-1500 (including shipping, etc.) and that was without customization. So one day, right before ordering an expensive glider, I decided to search Craigslist. I got lucky in my first search and discovered this beauty:

The dimensions were a little off but I liked that it was a recliner and the cost was only $300!! I knew with a little love and upholstery care, it could be everything I wanted.
Fast forward a few weeks, agonizing decisions on whether to splurge on the fabric (totally worth it), and time at the upholsterer and this is what I have now:



It’s a custom piece with Schumacher fabric and orange linen piping and works perfectly in the nursery. AND after all was said and done, I only spent approximately $900 to get it exactly the way I wanted. While I know that’s not cheap, I think it’s totally worth it. This baby better be one who enjoys a good glide 🙂

Nursery Progress: To Glide or Not to Glide

We’re making good progress on the nursery design and I’m now in the process of buying the furniture room.  I know there are many differing opinions on whether a nursery needs a glider but I’ve decided that it makes sense to get one.  The main reason that I wanted to get a glider (other than to soothe and rock the baby to sleep of course :)) is because it’s the only way I can justify getting a recliner in the house.  (Full disclosure: when I go to my grandmother’s house, I’m so excited to sit in the recliners even though I make fun of the way they look.  I can fall asleep in like 5 minutes…it’s impressive. :)) As we all know, generally recliners are hideous and don’t really work well in a well-designed house.  (My friend, Courtney, did a fantastic post about working with recliners in to a design scheme).  So I was on the lookout for a glider/recliner that wasn’t unattractive and wouldn’t take away from the overall design.

These are the gliders that I considered:

Lucy Swivel Glider

Lucy Swivel Glider

Jennifer Delonge Wing Glider Recliner

Jennifer Delonge Wing Glider Recliner

Grano Glider Recliner

Grano Glider Recliner

These choices are all modern and sleek and don’t look bad for gliders or recliners.  However, I wasn’t in love with any of them and clocking in at $1200 without much customization didn’t give me the warm and fuzzies either.  So I decided to do a quick Craigslist search and, on the first try, I discovered this diamond in the rough for only $300:


It was a little wider and less sleek that I wanted but overall the dimensions worked in the room and I figured that a change of fabric would really make it pop.  So obviously for $300, I snatched it up quickly and now it’s time to pick a fabric to reupholster it.  These are the final contenders:

Schumacher Jelly Bean

Journey Fruitydriftpomegranate

Of course, I’m in love with the most expensive fabric but I think I can afford to splurge given the cheapness of the chair along with trying a new upholsterer who is fairly reasonable.  I hope to have the fabric and the chair back in the next few weeks.  I can’t wait to share!