Obsess Much: Pinterest

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that “lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.” It’s such a simple concept and an amazing site that it blows my mind that someone didn’t think of this before. Obviously, Pinterest is a great way to view pretty pictures, save/bookmark resources, and get an idea of what’s going on in different design fields. But what I love the most about the site is looking through my Pinterest account every once in a while to look back at what I’ve pinned. It’s fun to identify themes and obsessions when I had no idea that I was interested in a certain motif.

Evidently, I’m super obsessed with curvy and ornate headboards right now.

Mirrored trim headboard…yes please!

As I’ve designed my kitchen, I’ve found my Kitchens board to be invaluable. By looking through the pins, I identified the designs I liked most. But more importantly, I was able to make notes of the accessories, cabinet interiors, etc. that I would have likely forgotten about if not for the pins. I use the pins from this virtual pinboard to create my inspiration board that is the foundation for my kitchen design. I refer to this board as I make almost every decision and it’s super helpful.

If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, you should try it out. If you need one, just click here. If you already have a Pinterest account, I would definitely suggest you go back and look at what you’ve pinned. You might be surprised at what you really like. 🙂