Design Files: Loungy Bathroom Update

Last year, I had the pleasure of helping a church update their bathrooms.  I shared the plans and renderings here.  Just for a recap, this was the plan.

C:UsersOwnerDocumentsNew Floorplan.pdf

I don’t have many before pictures as I was called in at the beginning of the construction phase.  But this is how the space looked at that point:

IMG_1964 IMG_1966 IMG_1967

My client was nice enough to send me some phone pictures of the space.  There are still a few things to finish but it’s functional and it looks fantastic.

Bath5 Bath4 Bath3 Bath1 Bath2

My favorite part is the replacement of the bathroom stalls with individual rooms to make it feel less sterile and “public.” I also love the tile around the room and the mosaic tile accents.  Hopefully we’ll get some better pics and finish the design in the near future.

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