Traveling Today and New Walls

I’m on the road traveling today but I had a very productive day yesterday with our inspections going well, the kitchen and new powder room demo’d and ready for framing, and the bedroom walls and ceilings are all finished.

The guys have a work plan for the next few days while I’m gone and I hope that everything gets done during my absence. We’re only 6 day away from move in. Yikes!

So my current dilemma is what to do about the walls. I planned on adding wallpaper to most rooms but now that the walls are as smooth as a baby’s bottom, I don’t want to touch them (plus I’m traumatized by my pathetic attempt to remove the last wallpaper). I’ll post some of the wallpaper ideas next week but look at these smooth walls. They make me so happy!!



It’s the little things ;).

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