What’s In A Name?

One question I often get is why is the name of my business is Joy Street Design.  My husband and I bought our first home in San Francisco about six years ago.  It is located on a 1-block “street” named Joy Street in the Bernal Heights neighborhood. Joy Street was one of those great San Francisco weirdo things that only someone who truly loves San Francisco thinks is great.  Specifically, Joy Street isn’t an actual street but instead a set of 100+ stairs along a steep hill that leads you to 12 different houses.  Interestingly, these stairs didn’t exist until about 10 years ago when the builder of our house installed them as a condition to build on the empty lot (evidently people used to drive up the hill to their house like they were hillbillies in the country).

Joy Street

Infamous Stairs (as my grandmother probably refers to them)

Anyway, our house on Joy Street was/is awesome. Without getting into too much of our “first-world” problems, my husband actually bought the house without me ever stepping foot inside.  Needless to say I took a huge leap of faith and trusted the process to him. (I’m currently getting credit for that while we look for a house in LA but that’s for another post.)  Luckily, he did a fantastic job.  When I stepped into the house, it was love at first sight. My husband loved the stairs and the sight lines from the loft. I loved the layout (bedrooms on one floor, entertaining/communal space on another) as well as the ceiling heights in the living room.  This love is what sparked my interest in interior design and encouraged me to go to my first interior design class.  Over the years as I learned more about design, read more blogs, magazines, etc, I constantly experimented with our house.  So as we were deciding on what to name this business, we thought it was fitting to include the name of the house that was the inspiration for the new adventure.

This post is much longer than I expected to simply discuss a name so let’s end with some pictures of the house as it was staged when we bought it.  While I loved everything, I obviously made several changes to different parts of the house to make it our house, some big and some small. In later posts, I’ll do my best to show most of those changes as I’m not sure how many pictures I took was during that time (pre-blog reading and writing).

Living Room




Master Bedroom

Internal Stairs (Sight line from loft looking down)

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  1. L. Adediran
    L. Adediran says:

    Hey Kelly! Love the blog and love the explanation, such a great story! It all makes sense now! Wishing you the best on this new adventure! I’ll be following 🙂

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