Piss poor folding of the ottoman corners. It looked even worse on some of the other corners.So after living with (and hating) the folded corners for a few weeks, I decided to take the damn ottoman apart again and sew the corners properly. It was a fairly easy process (even for a beginner sewer like me) and took approximately 30 minutes to complete.

I think the finished corners look so much better…I’m happy I did it because now I feel much better about it being in the house.

Try to ignore the mess around the ottoman…Full disclosure: It took me almost 1 hour to get the stupid top of the ottoman off the base and then another 30 minutes to try to put it back on after I finished sewing. Sometimes I think the D in DIY is for Dummy because only a dummy really tries this stuff. And to make matters worse, I then started another upholstery project the next day. I still haven’t figured out what’s wrong with me. If you have any insight, let me know 🙂