Empty closet (shelving and pole removed)To this:

Cleats in place

Shelves attached (different heights to accommodate different types of shoes)And finally:

I was a very happy girl this dayThis closet was fairly tiny (less than 30″ wide) and I would like to say it was easy to get this done but it actually sucked. This was our first DIY in the house and we did not have power tools. All of the wood cuts were done by the home improvement store and required several trips back and forth. I honestly don’t remember how long it took to complete this project but it was definitely more than a weekend. (I could probably do this project now in a half a day with the right tools). Nonetheless, I was very happy with the outcome and proud of myself for completing it.If I thought this small project sucked, I would be wishing and dreaming for that “sucky” project over the next few months as I tried to complete the living room shelves. I’ll be back tomorrow to finish that story. (Story updated here)P.S. You’ll notice that there is very little discussion of my hubby during these projects. He generally chooses not to participate in my insanity and is simply the manual labor in the sense of carrying things that are too heavy for me. We all have our role to play :).