Gorgeous kitchen by Kate Prevedello

Wood accents provide warmth in an otherwise stark white space.I’ve also considered darker wood cabinets. There is no denying how a kitchen with dark wood cabinets looks sophisticated and traditional. My biggest concern with dark cabinets is that the kitchen will feel heavy and dark without a ton of natural light.

Gorgeous wood cabinets with an interesting tile accent wall and picture window. By Artistic Designs for Living.

Good mix of dark wood and white cabinets.So in thinking about other options, I’ve become increasingly obsessed with cabinets that are painted a unique color. These images are just so dreamy:

Dark navy cabinets

Navy blue lower cabinets with a mix of white upper cabinets. Love!

Gray lower cabinets. (I wonder if my love of this kitchen has more to do with the lovely large window.)Colored cabinets look great when paired with white cabinets. I think it’s also important that the colors used are neutral in nature – navy blue and gray are considered neutrals and can be mixed with almost any color – as opposed to a red or teal kitchen that would probably annoy you after a few years.So now it looks like I’ll be spending some time looking into Los Angeles resources for professionally painting cabinets. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make this obsession happen in my own home soon!Join me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram (@joystreetdesign).